Obieg No. 7: Dust

Edited by Anna Ptak

Dust, omnipresent in the real world and swept away from our stories, is a grey eminence shapeless, invisible, but constantly in motion. In the 7th issue of Obieg, we use the metaphor of dust to bring closer the elusive and at the same time creative character of various relationships in a dynamically changing world. Dust is a perfect vehicle to describe a situation in which many spheres blend together: conceptual, social, organic and geological. What interests us most is the tension between authoritarian forms of power and ecology, activism and migration. We see the exhibition space understood as a place where objects and activities serve to create new conceptual constellations as the model of a world in which ‘everything solid turns to dust.

The starting point is the exhibition kurz / dust / غبار presented at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in 2015. The theoretical texts, essays and artworks created as a reinterpretation of the exhibition in Obieg combine to create an image of space in which both the moral dimension of ecology and the geological dimension of politics find expression. We realise the latent potential of dust, which has not as yet been fully appreciated; we intend to consider it from a similar viewpoint to that of Georges Bataille, who saw it as an agent of change. Should we remain blind to it, one day, to our surprise, we may wake up covered with a layer of settled dust, just  like Batailles Sleeping Beauty, who as everyone seems to forget would have woken up with dust on her fact and cobwebs in her hair.

Obieg is a quarterly magazine on art and culture, providing an interface for combining different narrative formulas with cutting-edge networking outside of the dominant art hubs. Obieg appears in four thematic issues a year, available online free of charge, in bilingual versions: Polish and English. It documents the present state of "global contemporary" art by combining critique and in-depth theoretical texts with non-academic investigations,essays, and images.

  • Obieg No. 7 contributors:
    • Elie Ayache, Olga Drenda, Amirali Ghasemi i Nebras Hoveizavi, Daniel Kötter, Michał Libera i Michał Grochowiak, Sohrab Mahdavi, Mandana Mansouri, David Maroto, Kaveh Rashidzadeh, Lorde Selys, Krzysztof Skoczylas, Przemysław Wielgosz.


Cover photo: Black Lungs (Jharkhand), Rajesh Kumar Singh, 2018, digital photography. Courtesy of the artist.

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