Edyta Jarząb

Improvisation Street

Because at the beginning of her political career her voice was perceived as a typical housewifes, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was forbidden to speak on behalf of her party. But knowing that an Iron Ladys voice must be composed, strong and deep, she spent years exercising it to build it into a voice of authority. The radio play If the Voice is Over based on the text Voice is Over by Edyta Jarząb is the artists commentary on different womens voices and the meaning of individual sounds. Jarząb examines the phenomenon of voice: what does it consist of, how does it sound and do some frequencies prevent women from speaking publicly on important issues concerning humanity? Like a foreign accent that must be erased to become trustworthy. What is brute force, shushing, mute bodies, what is the significance to women of the myth of Philomela with her tongue cut out? The artist analyses various social and cultural contexts of female powerlessness, which she calls womens hell.

Here, in a workshop vocal group the activist and cultural animator will work with the public and the Intervalo-Escola academy on the choreography and projecting of voice. The ‘no mothers, no daughters workshop will search for a common sound reality, listen to the resonating body in relations with others, observe the twitching of the skull bonesin other words to learn about ones body in relation to others as a sensitive receiver of waves and a sensitive instrument. Participants in the workshops will experience the acoustic qualities of space, the reach and power of voices, individually and together. They will find a space to be together without having to become a choir. They will focus on energy processes, and not on forming a formation. The joint improvisation will serve as a basis for interaction, a process of seeking amplification and realization of values that are worth amplifying. Because the voice itself is one such value, a means of narration, of expressing personal and shared experiences.
The workshops finale will be an intervention in the public space.