Christopher Füllemann

Emotional Landscape

  • During his residency at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, artist-in-residence Christopher Füllemann researches the politics of friendship and its social function in the production of intimate knowledge. Intimacy is, in his approach, fundamental to creating a space for collaborative work. Friendship is developed as part of the process to explore the boundaries of the private / public, personal / professional, highlighting an economy of proximity and relations that resist dominant structures and instrumentalization.
    • In collaboration with the Kem collective, the artist will present Emotional Landscape a sculptural environment for a party taking place at the summer queer bar Dragana. His new project offers an intimate experiment by creating a space for active relationships between the artworks, performers, and audience. It is an invitation to reflect on as well as investigate relations between material and bodies in a sensorial landscape.
  • Emotional Landscape manifests physical and emotional engagement throughout the diverse perspectives of desire. It acts as a horizon for a potential temporary collective, promoting a liberated, queer space and futurity. The space will be transformed into a non-normative sculpture, allowing the audience to experience varied dynamics of proximity and to engage in a fluid transition of the many shapes of collective thinking and individual negotiations.
  • http://christopherfullemann.com/
This residency is co-financed by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and the City of Warsaw