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A walking guide to outside-the-box art

A walking guide to outside-the-box art leads us on a tour of various artistic objects that are located or used to be located in the immediate vicinity of the Ujazdowski Castle.

The Centre for Contemporary Art has been located in the Ujazdowski Castle for over 30 years. During that period, a number of exhibitions, events, and artistic projects were carried out within and outside the walls of the institution. Some took place in non-obvious, non-exhibition spaces. The remains of some of these artistic interventions can still be seen in the park space, others remain hidden in the interiors of the institution. Some have become a permanent part of the space. Others left traces of their presence, or exist only in the often distorted, undefined, and blurred memories of people associated with the Castle.

Following meetings, workshops, and several months of work with archives, we created an alternative guide to objects located throughout the surroundings of Ujazdowski Castle. In this multimedia guide we attempt to reconstruct artistic interventions, restore them, rewrite them anew into the memory of the space.

We decided that the guide, as an important element of constructing relationships with the audience, should be inclusive. That is why we have invited the Typhlological Institute of the Polish Association of the Blind to collaborate. As a result of our work, A walking guide to outside-the-box art is available to the public in two forms. A graphic map available at the information point or in a downloadable PDF form will help you locate the objects, and the audio guide which you can download onto your own phone will tell you about their history. Listening to the recordings, you can move around the park with two soundtracks: accounts and memories or audio description of objects.


  • Text by
    • Aleksandra Rajska
  • Translated by
    • Joanna Figiel
  • Cover photo
    • Hekla Studio
  • Language

    • A walking guide is available in Polish.

    • English version is being prepared and we plan to prepare Ukrainian version in the future.

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The action is carried out under the project "Spacerownik. A walk in the imagination , co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland under the Accessible Culture program.
Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland from the Culture Promotion Fund.
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