curatorial guided tour

Curatorial guided tour

Manick Govinda guides a tour of Miriam Elia's exhibition The New Normal

  • Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art invites you to a guided tour in English (will be translated into Polish) of the exhibition The New Normal by Miriam Elia. Curator Manick Govinda will talk about the works at the exhibiton.
    • Miriam Elia’s work can be taken as paying homage to a time of optimism, of innocent British nostalgia, of playful learning, a journey of discovery and adventure, through happy images of smiling children exploring and discovering a world of wonder, as it was then. But there is subversive mimicry at play. Miriam’s art satirises contemporary culture, the politics and the ideologies that drive the engines of a globalised world. Her satire is part of a great tradition of political art and graphics that began with the revolutionary invention of mass producing words and images through print for the common man and woman at the beginning of the fifteenth century. Like great political satirists before her; William Hogarth, Francisco Goya, John Heartfield, George Grosz and Karl Arnold come to mind, Miriam Elia pokes fun at the new socio-political order. She questions the new rules of the game that was played out during the pandemic and lockdown, she assesses the aftershock and the new world order, otherwise known as ‘The Great Reset, a global initiative started by the World Economic Forum, which plans to re-order the very fabric of our lives under the deceptively benign mission of increasing co-operation between global stakeholders
  • Admission included in the exhibition ticket price.
  • Meeting point in the main hall.
  • Photo in background:
    • Daniel Czarnocki