Linocut workshops for adults

  • Mavka
  • Do you know who Mavka is, though? She is a creature from Ukrainian mythology, the spirit of a young, long-haired girl with pale skin. Mavka often deceives young boys. However, she is not the only interesting figure of Ukrainian mythology. Around the day of Dziady, we invite you to a meeting around Slavic mythology! We will learn how to create in the linocut technique. During the workshop, inspired by the Slavs, we will create our own works using the linocut technique.
    • The workshop will be led by Anna Panchenko, an artist from Ukraine. She signs her works with the pseudonym Alirika. She graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kiev with a degree in graphic design. Her areas of artistic work are linocut, etching, woodcut and other printing techniques. Her work explores themes of Ukrainian history, mythology and culture.
  • Workshop for people aged 16 and over
  • Tickets 20 PLN
  • Meeting in the main hall
  • Ukrainian, Polish and English-speaking participants welcome
Today at U–jazdowski