residency: September—December 2022

Kateřina Konvalinová (Czech Republic)

Kateřina Konvalinová

is an audiovisual artist and performer based in Prague, interested in intuitive research in art and agriculture. Seeing the art field more as an extracted land and a possible infrastructure for growing ideas and conditions for less invasive human living with hope for eventual positive social-economic changes. She is currently making research on groups, collectives and other types of collaborative practices connected to art, agriculture and economic autonomy. Approaching this theme from a feminist perspective of care.  

After graduation from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (20142020), she started a program called the Farming School, which focused on ecological and regenerative agriculture in the form of practice at chosen farms, with monthly sessions on the theory of soil, farming and animal keeping. Last year, she worked for a biodynamic farm and winery. She is currently finishing an internship at Inland / Campo Adentro in Madrid. In 2019, she started a rap music project with friend and sculptress Erika Velická called Lobbyboy&Saab900turbo.


  • Curator
    • Marianna Dobkowska
Residency partner International Visegrád Fund in the frames of The Visual & Sound Arts, Literary Arts and Performing residencies