{Researchled filmmaking}

{Research-led filmmaking} is a series of screenings exploring the area between art and science: experimental documentary cinema and scientific research.

Visual research methods are applied in a number of disciplines. Their use, however, is most popular in two of them: visual anthropology and film studies. The former can trace its roots back to ethnographic cinema, but nowadays focuses on searching for new tools allowing it to describe the changes within itself. Film studies essay writing, on the other hand, keeps developing both on the Internet and inside the academia.

With this series we want to take a closer look at the institutions - universities, scientific journals - which legitimise these practices as scientific, whereas in other context they could be seen as artistic ones.

Our project will therefore include both presentations of various institutions combining the two fields in question, and screenings of films being the result of their efforts. We will invite heads of institutions, members of academia, as well as filmmaking scientists representing various fields and bodies.