04/12/2017, 11/12/2017
at the exhibition space

Edyta Jarząb / Teach Yourself to Fly [exercises in deep listening]

Here, in a workshop vocal group the activist and cultural animator will work with the public and the Intervalo-Escola academy on the choreography and projecting of voice. The ‘no mothers, no daughters workshop will search for a common sound reality, listen to the resonating body in relations with others, observe the twitching of the skull bonesin other words to learn about ones body in relation to others as a sensitive receiver of waves and a sensitive instrument. Participants in the workshops will experience the acoustic qualities of space, the reach and power of voices, individually and together. They will find a space to be together without having to become a choir. They will focus on energy processes, and not on forming a formation. The joint improvisation will serve as a basis for interaction, a process of seeking amplification and realization of values that are worth amplifying. Because the voice itself is one such value, a means of narration, of expressing personal and shared experiences.
The workshops finale will be an intervention in the public space.

How can joint listening practice create a community? During the workshop we will learn and perform exercises and experimental compositions from the collection Sonic Meditations by Pauline Oliveiros, including Teach Yourself to Fly from 1971, dedicated to the pilot Amelia Earhart. Oliveiros has also created guidelines to the musical protest Occupy Air, a resounding tactic that, unlike word-based politics, involves uninterrupted presence and being together. The space of the exhibition will be our field of experience, beyond visiting time.


Edyta Jarząb (Poland)

She is interested in voice as a bridge between the public and private sphere; listening, singing as well as improvisation as a practice of social resistance. She studies the sonosphere of protests and demonstrations as well as organizes sound walks, workshops and warm-ups before street demonstrations. Jarząb co-creates the sound collective Critical Band Ensemble and the improvisation group SYRENY. She has participated in the exhibition Post-peace at the Württembergischer Kunstverein in Stuttgart, the Warsaw Autumn Festival with the performative group ETC, at the Sanatorium Sound Festival; she was the curator of the program Sirens Song at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. Co-author of Warsound/Warszawa published by Ujazdowski. She also cooperates with Strefa WolnoSłowa in Warsaw and the magazines Glissando and Wakat.