11/01/2018 at 6PM
in the exhibition space

Guided tour from the perspective of the exhibition-attendants

{Art from the perspective of ...} is a series of guided tours in Polish in which every exhibition presented in Ujazdowski can be viewed many times in different ways - each time from a different perspective: both from the side of curator, artist, educator or volunteer participating in the exhibition; from the perspective of an architect, journalist, anthropologist, linguist and many others. Perspectives can be infinite and the only limitation is the duration of the exhibition.

The 11th January-guided tour of the Gotong royong. Things that we do together exhibition from the perspective of exhibition attendants: Anna Borowska, Ewa Kiełbus, Agnieszka Kłos, Jadwiga Kozera, Hanna Wcisło and Jadwiga Wolfman.

Images: Bartosz Górka, 2018.