20/01 6PM
unique guided tour
@ the exhibition space

Where you can't go / Guided sensory tour of the exhibition 

Where you can't go.

Guided sensory tour of Gotong Royong. Things we do together exhibition 

Limited number of participants
Reservation adress: o.kozinska@u-jazdowski.pl

Can we experience community in various ways, through different practices? For example, through sense of hearing, touch or movement?
During this performative and sensory tour we will re-examine the space of the exhibition, abandoning the schematic way of visiting "from description to description". The motive of our experience is to enter into a dialogue with the works created by Indonesian and Polish collectives, who engage communities in various, common practices. If we find out more than we expected during this experience, what can we do with it for ourselves and others? One of the elements of our guided tour is to learn together and observe the relationships appearing between us and other participants of the process. Using performative tools, we will let our observations sound out loud in an open and safe space.

Event prepared by Intervalo-Escola members together with invited guests - Katarzyna Sztarbała, Mateusz Kowalczyk, Karolina Grzegorczyk, Zofia Noworól and Agnieszka Kocińska.