09/11/2017 7PM
in the exhibition space

Sara Rodowicz-Ślusarczyk / What connects, and what divides?

Lacan claimed he knows no other source of brotherhood than segration. In 1973, in an almost prophesising manner he considered
the future growth of racism inevitable inspite of the hopeful atmosphere of a France which at the time seemed more progressive
than the United States. What does the psychoanalysis of Lacan  who always considered himself a continuator of Freud have to
say about social bonds? Its worthy of our attention, because the relation between a psychoanalyst and an analysand is a particular
form of this social bond, the repercussions of which have a political dimension. Together with Lacan, we can add the concept of
jouissance to the group identifications based on segregation but also structured in varied ways as that which is motor of society.