Plans for 2022

Exhibitions in the first-half of the year, discussions, dance shows, film reviews and residencies

In 2022, the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art will be showing an exhibition of works by Jarosław Modzelewski, an exhibition of Polish independent art of the 1980s, and, in the Project Room, a number of projects by young-generation artists. Started in 1985, the Ujazdowskis collection of contemporary art will be presented on a permanent basis, as a study storeroom open to interested art historians and art-school students. In the autumn, the 26th edition of the Rozdroże [Crossroads] International Festival of Performing Arts will be held. There will be new film reviews presented at the Ujazdowski cinema. As every year, we will be hosting international artists as part of our residency programme. We have also prepared an extensive educational programme, with workshops and guided tours for all age groups.

The group exhibition Political Art will be on view through January 2o22. Till the end of February 2022, one may see the exhibition of artworks recently purchased for the Ujazdowski collection, re/collections.

The exhibition of Jarosław Modzelewski, A Country on the Vistula River, will be the first survey presentation of several decades of his work. Rather than by simple chronology, it will be organized by selected themes and motifs recurring in throughout his painting oeuvre.

The purpose of the exhibition Uncensored. Polish Independent Art of the 1980s will be to present the socio-artistic phenomenon of the independent exhibition movement active in 19811989. The show will feature some 150 works by 50 artists who boycotted the official cultural policy, protesting against the introduction of martial law by Polands communist authorities.

The Collection Study Storeroom is set to launch in mid-year. Some 100 works from the Ujazdowskis International Collection of Contemporary Art, started in 1985 and today numbering over 3,000 items, will be put on display in a storeroom located on the ground floor of the Ujazdowski Castle.

Projects by young Polish artists will be on view as part of the Project Room exhibition series. Solo shows will be staged by Maria Elena Bonet, Paweł Łubkowski, Malwina Migacz and Antonina Konopelska. In mid-year, viewers will vote for their favourite show of the 2021/2022 season, which besides the above-mentioned ones includes the 2021 exhibitions by Maciej Rauch and the Young Talented Sexy [Młodzi Zdolni Seksowni] collective. The winner(s) will receive an award of PLN 20,000 net. An open call for the {Project Room} 2022/2023 edition will be announced in mid-2022, offering a chance for a solo exhibition at the Ujazdowski Castle to art-school students and graduates.

Contemporary art critics, art historians and artists will be guests of Culture Tensions debate series.

An extensive educational programme, featuring various formats and addressed at all age groups, is awaiting viewers.

In the autumn, the 26th edition of the Rozdroże [Crossroads] festival of performing arts will take place, presenting the most interesting dance theatre shows in the Auditorium Hall in the Laboratory building.

As every year, the Ujazdowski Castle will become a home and workplace for artists from various parts of the world. In 2022, our residency programme celebrates its twentieth anniversary.

The Ujazdowski Cinema presents films at the intersection of cinema and visual arts, documentaries, animations, genre cinema, experiments, films exemplifying the most topical and interesting phenomena of contemporary cinematography and its fringes. A site of author meetings and discussions, the venue is associated with fine films, including those that never get broad distribution. In 2022, we will continue the cine-club series. Two new screening series are also planned.

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  • Cover photo
    • Jarosław Modzelewski, What? Two jets. How? With technique and vegetation, 2014
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