The Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art is a place where we want to reflect on the world by means of art – a world which is understood both as our backyard, but also as the vast space beyond it. We believe that a better understanding of contemporaneity helps in a more conscious and empowered participation in the extremely complex global processes, to which Poland is also a part.

For us, contemporary art is a tool in the research and interpretation of diverse phenomena. Artists, who have at their disposal such means as imagination, intuition, sensitivity and discipline, are capable of capturing the otherwise invisible or omitted aspects of reality, placing them in a new light. They are also best equipped to stir our curiosity. U–jazdowski is thus a space for non-standard activities and creative experimentation conducted in a dialogue and communication of artists and their audiences. We are trans-disciplinary, we stimulate creation at the intersection of many different disciplines, we offer our viewers new forms and qualities, and encourage them to explore.

Being a public institution, we feel responsible for our surroundings. We see it our duty to provide access to our own resources and offer an education addressed to the broadest and most diverse group of recipients. Considering the limited funds for culture and the great number of institutions and organisations active in the field, we reject the notion of competing for support and audiences in lieu of partnership and cooperation. We understand professionalism as a sign of respect for artists, audiences and partners.