• Rules for using the library at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, in force from 26 May 2020 until further notice.
    • 1. No more than three visitors may be present in the reading room at any given time.
    • 2. Visitors are required to use hand sanitizer provided at the entrance.
    • 3. Visitors are required to wear disposable gloves when accessing materials and using computers in the library.
    • 4. Visitors must keep a safe distance of two metres from library staff and others, as well as cover their mouth and nose.
    • 5. Each day, there will be two ten-minute breaks for airing and disinfecting desks and equipment.
    • 6. If you are ill or unwell, please postpone your visit to the library. Anyone showing signs of infection will be kindly asked to leave.
  • Thank you for your understanding! We hope you will enjoy your visit.
  • Library is open
    • Tuesday to Friday, 11:0018:00
    • Saturday, 10:0014:00
  • For safety reasons only 3 readers may remain at the library at the same time. In order to book a place and a publication please contact us at
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