How Does Art Taste?

Workshops for families with children aged 2–6 (in Polish)

How do we experience art? Do we really experience it only through the senses of sight and hearing? Can we see words as colours or smell colours? Can we see a sound or taste a word? How Does Art Taste? is a new cycle of workshops for families which are designed to engage all the senses of participants. The mysterious term “synaesthesia”, i.e. the joining of the senses - the ability to perceive reality and experience the world through different senses, will be of key significance during our meetings.

We will use the phenomenon of synaesthesia to expand perceptions and imagination of participants. During the workshops, we will try to think outside the box in order to develop the creativity of children. The meetings will offer participants an opportunity to experience art not only through the sense of sight, but also through the senses of smell, hearing, touch and taste.

Children will learn about different artists through flavours, smells, sounds and textures on paintings, photographs or in films. They will learn about art in a wider cultural context. They will experience it through all their senses. The workshops will engage participants in such activities as blending, listening, smelling and cutting all forms of interaction with art are allowed. Educators, artists as well as guests from the world of cuisine and design will guide participants through different flavours of art.

Programme (in Polish) is → here

  • Workshops in Polish
  • Saturdays, start at 11 p.m.
  • Admission by ticket only
  • Pre-book at
  • Participants meet in the entrance hall