book launch

Zbigniew Libera Art of Liberation: A Press Study 19882018

Zbigniew Libera, Dorota Monkiewicz and Piotr Rypson in conversation about the book and concert of Rdzeń

  • What was critical art in Poland? How controversial were the exhibitions presented at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art? What can press materials tell us about an artists life? Answers to these questions can be found in the first of the three volumes of Art of Liberation. A Press Study 1988-2018, a monumental project by Zbigniew Libera.
    • The three-volume publication is a collection of press articles dealing with Liberas work, published by various Polish and international magazines. Shedding light on what were the art worlds major discussions at the time, what caused the most controversy, or who were the critics best picks, they indirectly offer an insight into the condition of Polish art criticism and the institutional infrastructure of art in Poland.
  • Zbigniew Libera, Dorota Monkiewicz, and Piotr Rypson will talk about 1990s art and art criticism. The discussion will be moderated by Karol Sienkiewicz.
  • The talk will be followed by a performance by Rdzeń in the following line-up:
    • Piotr Lutyński violin
    • Marek Kozica cello
    • Ewa Małas saxophone
    • Zbigniew Libera percussions
    • Fryderyk Lutyński guitar
    • Adam Rzepecki performance