directed by Johann Lurf, Austria 2019, 104' (special screenings on the Night of Museums)

This years Night of Museums, instead of running between institutions, we propose staying at the cinema to watch a starry sky!

The visual essay from the Austrian film director Johann Lurf is a journey through time, space as well as the history of cinema. The artist juxtaposes images of starry skies from early, silent films to the present, creating a somewhat melancholic story about fantasies of escape and dreams of meeting the Other. This cosmic perspective is here connected with a very earthly one. These are human affairs love, happiness, and tragedies all take place under a common sky. This is a kind of film planetariumthe intricately selected and edited fragments from over half a thousand films are also a statement about cinema itself the night sky is after all a screen, on which stories appear, sent to us by stars from hundreds of years ago.