Boys Who Like Girls

directed by Inka Achté, Finland/India/Norway 2018, 68' (English friendly)

  • Harish is a fifty-something feminist. He has dedicated his life to fighting violence against women, or rather preventing it. In Mumbai, he runs a club for teenage boys where they can rethink the models of masculinity that are ubiquitous in their families, their surroundings and the entire culture. Neglected by often-violent fathers, these slum boys can find support at the club from committed social workers they can rely on. At least for a time—though Harish does everything he can to ensure financing to continue the club's activities, money is difficult to come by even in the West. After all, according to widespread belief, feminist initiatives should be aimed at women.
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  • Screenings
    • 11/12/2018 17:00 (Laboratory) after the screening Q&A with Inka Achté
    • 12/12/2018 18:00 (Cinema)
  • Language
    • original version, subtitles: English, Polish