Gangway to a Future

directed by René Hazekamp, Netherlands 2018, 91' (English friendly)

  • A group of activists from Rotterdam use money from a crowdfunding campaign to buy a fishing boat for the purpose of rescuing refugees and migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. Rene Hazekamp films them from the very beginning, during complicated repairs, and later during the voyage itself. They don't get off to an easy start: unexpected emergencies along the way force them to make several unplanned stops, and the situation is also hampered by military maneuvers at sea. When they finally reach their destination, they are overwhelmed by the scale of the problem: there are more people in need of help than places on the boat; people crowded onto rafts are dying literally in front of their eyes. What sort of future awaits those who are rescued?
  • Admission free
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  • Screenings
    • 11/12/2018 18:30 (Cinema)
    • 12/12/2018 20:30 (Laboratory)
  • Language
    • original version, subtitles: English, Polish
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