directed by Christopher Murray, Josefina Buschmann and Israel Pimentel, Chile 2019, 63' (English friendly)

God is undoubtedly one of the most interesting documentary films of recent years on the subjects of religiosity and the crisis of faith. Pope Franciss papal visit to Chile in 2018 serves as a pretext for a closer look at the powerful tensions dividing Chilean society. Protests by LGBTQIA activists, the fight to decriminalize abortion, and disappointment with the institution of the Church are juxtaposed against demonstrations by the popes die-hard supporters and the solemn atmosphere accompanying the anticipation of his arrival. The incredible power of the film, which is devoid of commentary and consists of only static shots, is in its subtle framing and skilful observation. Seventeen members of the MAFI collective show, in a masterful and humorous way, show the sacred and the profane as they come into contact with one another, without mockery and while maintaining distance from the events they document.


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