The Trial of Ratko Mladić

directed by Henry Singer and Rob Miller, United Kingdom/Norway 2018, 99' (English friendly)

General Ratko Mladić was one of the key figures in the war in Yugoslavia, and his name will forever be associated with the biggest war crime committed in Europe since World War II: the Srebrenica massacre, which saw Serbian troops murder some seven thousand Bosnian Muslims. The filmmakers spent five years observing his trial before the International Criminal Court in The Hague, having gained unprecedented access to the team of prosecutors scrupulously preparing the indictment. The power of this outstanding documentary stems not only from the shocking testimony of the witnesses who miraculously survived, but also from the historical and political background to the conflict that is brilliantly outlined. Miller avoids simplifications: Since we can also see the Serbian point of view, The Trial of Ratko Mladić enables us to better understand what happened in Srebrenica in the summer of 1995.


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  • Screenings
    • 09/12/2019 21:00 (Cinema)
    • 12/12/2019 20:15 (Laboratory)