directed Kenneth Branagh, UK 2021, 98'

  • Oscar-nominated in seven categories, full of humour, tenderness and nostalgia for what has shaped us, Belfast is Kenneth Branagh’s most personal film yet. 

    • Nine-year old Buddy lives in Belfast. He loves going to the cinema and playing with the other children from the neighbourhood. His grandparents, with whom he spends the afternoons, advise him on how to conquer a beautiful classmate. All of a sudden, his carefree childhood is interrupted by the tragic events of the civil war over Norther Ireland’s affiliation to the United Kingdom. Buddy finds it hard to understand how people who have lived together for generations now stand against each other and their religion suddenly becomes so important. To make matters worse, his parents are discussing moving to England or overseas. Buddy tries to find the courage to endure these anxieties in his mother’s inner strength, his father’s optimism and life lessons he learned from his grandparents.


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  • Language
    • English
    • Polish subtitles
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