Dead Slow Ahead

directed by Mauro Herce, Spain/France 2015, 74'

The freighter Fair Lady crosses the ocean. The hypnotic rhythm of its gears reveals the continuous movement of machinery devouring its workers: the last gestures of the old sailors' trade disappearing under the mechanic and impersonal pace of 21st century neocapitalism. Perhaps it is a boat adrift, or maybe just the last example of an endangered species. Although we don't know it, the engines are still running, unstoppable.

Screening accompanies international conference The Senses of Science Fiction: Visions, Sounds, Spaces. British film critic Mark Bould will give a talk before the show.

  • Language
    • subtitles in English, Polish and Spanish
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    • 16 zł regular
    • 14 zł reduced
    • 10 zł for visitor card holders
Today at U–jazdowski