special screening

A House Made of Splinters

Free screening of the Ukrainian film nominated for an Oscar


  • A House Made of Splinters
    • directed by Simon Lereng Wilmont, Denmark / Sweden / Ukraine / Finland 2022, 87'
  • Join us for a special screening of the Ukrainian film A House Made of Splinters, nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature Film.
    • It is a story of a temporary orphanage located in the Ukrainian war zone, just 20 kilometres from the front line, which we get to know through the eyes of its wards.
  • Coming from broken families, they have experienced various traumas and harbour many difficult memories. Sharing them in front of the camera, they give a picture of shattered lives that carry on despite everything in the worst circumstances of war, in sadness but also in brief, fleeting moments of joy. Eva wants to find out if her mother still drinks. A boy recalls how his father stabbed his mother with a knife but was pardoned afterwards. Shrugging their shoulders, the kids talk about their own experience of violence. They are all united by neglect and abandonment. Emotional, sometimes tragic phone calls between children and their parents give an idea of the harrowing situation they are in. Each kid still wants to see the good in their lives, even if they have been in the orphanage for many months.
    • The orphanage may seem like a cold and unfriendly refuge, but in reality, it is a warm, caring haven. The staff strive to provide an atmosphere of safety for the children, although their fate is uncertain and depends on the court. The film portrays the effects of war that are invisible to the naked eye: alcoholism, domestic violence, mental illness. We watch how the war forces people into a cruel abyss.
  • Language
    • Ukrainian
    • Polish subtitles
  • Free entrance.
  • Free tickets available at the info desk.
A House Made of Splinters