film for children

Calamity, a Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary 

[Calamity, une enfance de Martha Jane Cannary], directed by Rémi Chayé, France 2020, 85'

  • Short hair? Trousers? What is she thinking? She is strong, audacious and… a girl, which in the Wild West means one thing: adventures are not for her. Will brave Calamity Jane find herself in the American wilderness?
    • 1863, United States of America. Martha Jane and her family are heading west in search of a better life. Unexpectedly, she is the one who must take over the care of her siblings and learn to drive the family wagon, which she starts enjoying very quickly. She swaps the girls' dresses for much more comfortable boys' clothes, making her more and more inconvenient for the community. When the leader of the convoy accuses her of stealing, the girl runs away to find proof of her innocence. She will rediscover herself in the American badlands.
  • Winner at the Cinekid Festival, this visually exceptional animation is an exciting tale of endurance, overcoming prejudice and strength necessary to fight for the most deeply hidden dreams.


  • Language
    • Polish (dubbing)
  • Tickets
    • 16 zł regular
    • 14 zł reduced
    • 10 zł for visitor card holders
  • Film for children from 9 years old.