The Tower

[Wieża], directed by Karolina Breguła, Poland 2014, 79'
(European Art Cinema Day)

On October 15th, several hundred cinemas across Europe will join forces to show good European films. We on this occasion would like to invite you to the screening of Karolina Bregułas The Tower as well as to a meeting with the artist.

The Tower is an opera musical about a group of people living in the same concrete block of flats, who plan on building a sugar tower together. Full of absurdity and anxiety, the story of the utopian project is addressing the history of post war housing architecture, analyzing it from the position of its user the inhabitant of a modernist city. The memories of dreams, desires, and belief in a new, better future are clashed with the difficult reality of life in the blocks and contradictions inscribed in the modernists' plans.


  • language: Polish
  • subtitles: English
  • Tickets
    • 1214 zł
    • may be purchased 30 minutes prior to the screening at the main hall of the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art