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The Balcony Movie

The best films of 2022 according to the editors of the Ekrany magazine


  • The Balcony Movie
    • [Film balkonowy], directed by Paweł Łoziński, Poland 2022, 100'
  • Audience’s favourite at the 18th Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival. Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Paweł Łoziński collected a mosaic of human stories by talking to passers-by from his own balcony of a tenement house in Warsaw’s Saska Kępa district.
    • The Balcony Movie is surprising and captivating, alternately cheerful and reflective. Łoziński is curious about his interlocutors, and they repay him with their most intimate stories. His characters are full of riddles and mysteries, and sometimes also surprises. Łoziński spent 165 shooting days on his balcony over 2.5 years. He met more than 2,000 interviewees. From these encounters under his “secular confessional”, a film about ourselves emerged, since we can all find our own reflection in The Balcony Movie.
  • During the 18th MDAG, the film won the Warsaw and Katowice Audience Awards, as well as distinctions in the Main Competition and the Polish Competition. The production was recognised at foreign film festivals, winning Grand Prix in Locarno and Biarritz and the MDR Award at the DOK Leipzig festival. It also received three nominations for the Polish Film Awards ORŁY (Best Documentary, Best Direction and Best Editing).
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    • Polish 
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