film screening and discussion

Georgian Film Evening

  • Georgian Film Evening is a unique opportunity to get to know modern Georgian cinema, meet some of its creators and talk with them. Over the last dozen years or so, Georgia has witnessed a renaissance of the art of animation: an interest has grown in new animation techniques, and new independent studios have been created. The event will thus begin with the screening of a set of short, experimental animated films produced by the Georgian Studio Kvali, which were previously unavailable in Poland. Next, we will watch Shindisi (directed by Dito Tsintsadze, 2019), a film that documents the events around the Russian military intervention in Georgia in 2008. The film won the Grand Prix and the Best Director awards at the Warsaw International Film Festival.
    • After the screening, there will be a panel discussion. We will talk about the problems and challenges of contemporary film animation in Georgia and in the world with Mariam Kandelaki (president of the Georgian Animators Association). We will discuss the making of war films: how film art can represent the experience of military terror, and what role the film industry plays in creating the narrative and conveying the truth about contemporary events. The discussion will be held by the host Michał Bogucki citizen of Poland and Georgia, expert in Georgian culture.


  • Partnership of the Unruly Unbreakable Cursed International Film Festival.
  • Tickets
    • 16 zł regular
    • 14 zł reduced
    • 10 zł for visitor card holders
  • Cover photo: film still from The Youth and The Leopard directed by Mariam Kandelaki.