film for children

Christmas at Cattle Hill

[Jul pĺ KuToppen], directed by Will Ashurst, Norway 2020, 65'

  • A cheerful and charming story about what matters most at Christmas. Klara the Calf can't wait to spend the holidays with her dad. When it seems that nothing can disturb their Christmas get-together on the farm, an avalanche of unforeseen events takes place.

    • When she arrives, nothing is ready. The Christmas tree is missing in front of the house, glass balls and lights are getting dusty in boxes. Dad is urgently called by a neighbour to shovel snow from her yard, and a cut-off road makes it impossible to return. What to do? Ready for anything, Klara decides to ask the Christmas gnome for help. All of a sudden, the situation spirals out of control and Christmas is almost ruined. Will the protagonists manage to stop the series of failures and curb the greedy gnome's appetite?

  • Christmas at Cattle Hill is a delightful story about the magic of Christmas and family warmth that make even an upside-down tree seem the most beautiful thing.
  • Language
    • Polish (dubbing)
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