film review

Another Way, short queer films​

Films accompanying Karol RadziszewskiThe Power of Secrets exhibition

The film programme accompanying Karol Radziszewski The Power of Secrets exhibition, showcases works by young queer artists who in their films closely examine the contemporary reality.

Through performance, experimentation or documentary rawness, the artists depict queerness as it is experienced in Central and Eastern Europe. In the first part of the review we will present works by such artists as Liliana Piskorska, who won the audience award at Views 2019 Deutsche Bank Award, and the premiere of Filipka by Dawid Nickel.


  • 17/12/2019, 18:00
    • Dear Friend
      • directed by Agne Jokse, Lithuania 2019, 24'
    • Strong sisters told the brothers
      • directed by Liliana Piskorska, Poland 2019, 30'
    • Filipka
      • directed by Dawid Nickel, Poland 2019, 23'
    • I wanna be your colonizer
      • directed by Przemek Branas, Poland 2019, 23'
  • Tickets
    • 16 zł regular
    • 14 zł reduces
    • 10 zł for visitor card holders
  • Language
    • All Polish films will be screened with English subtitles.