Baltic Experimental Films

  • Ieva Balode is a founder of artist’s collective and film lab Baltic Analog Lab from Riga, Latvia that gathers filmmakers and photographers working in a field of a photochemical and experimental film. As a director of Experimental film festival “Process”, she is also researching  new experimental film works in the region by that trying to define the region-specific filmic language. The programme includes works by long-term experimental filmmakers who shoot their films on 16mm and 8mm film formats, as well as the ever growing numbers of new authors. Many films in the programme, either directly or metaphorically, reflect on the experiences that we all met during the pandemic. This reveals itself through in-depth self-reflection, anxiety and, in the end - self acceptance.
    • Baltic Analog Lab is a collective founded in 2016 in Riga uniting filmmakers and artists interested in analog film and photography, Baltic Analog Lab aims to produce, teach and inspire an audience by providing a space for creation, learning and teaching.
  • High focus of the lab is education and collaboration; this is maintained by regular workshops led by BAL members and foreigner guests. It also includes film screenings and expanded cinema events. The main curatorial event of the lab is the experimental film festival ‘Process’, which happens since year 2017. There are other regular events organised by the lab, where a crucial emphasis is put on interdisciplinary collaboration between filmmakers, musicians, poets, dancers and other practices.
  • In the background film still from Compos Mentis (reż. Linda Lindenberga).
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