Still Processing
The Day Today

as part of Every film is a ghost story film review

  • To conclude the film review Every film is a ghost story, we invite you to a screening of films in which cinema becomes a tool for meeting the ghosts of home and family past. Film becomes a medium – a means to contact and say goodbye to those who are no longer with us.
  • Still Processing
    • directed by Sophy Romvari, Canada 2020, 21'
      • A box with photographs is used by the young director to work through family loss and mourning. Together with her, we participate in a film self-therapy. Winner of the Audience Award at the 2021 Short Waves Festival.
  • The Day Today
    • [Au jour d'aujourd'hui], directed by Maxence Stamatiadis, France 2021, 66'
      • Family sci-fi in home video style combined with a very personal documentary. 2024, the outskirts of Paris. 88-year-old Suzanne is addicted to technology. Glued to screens, she shares videos of kittens, follows the news about bitcoin and passionately watches romance. But none of these things can fill the void left by the loss of Edouard, her husband who died 10 years earlier. One day Suzanne discovers a new app, The Day Today, which supposedly brings back the deceased loved ones. Edouard returns indeed, but he is not the same person.
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