Cameraless 16mm

Film workshop with Ieva Balode 

  • Cameraless 16mm workshop with Ieva Balode who is a founding member of Baltic Analog Lab will introduce the art of making experimental analog film without using camera or optics. The students will learn about the structure of the analog 16mm film and learn to create abstract animation by using light, organic materials and chemistry.
    • We will be also working with found footage and making loops with flat prints (or rayograms) in a negative and B&W reversal process.
  • A one day workshop will allow students to get familiar with moving, analog images which are not that different from analog photography. Students who are familiar with photography, can apply their knowledge in making 16mm abstract films.
    • We will be working both in open daylight using various organic and non-organic materials (such as oil, sugar, foam, plants, food etc), as well as darkness doing contact prints and rayograms (photograms) using various found objects as well as found footage.
  • During the process, we will also learn about reversal (positive) process that allows us to work with positive and negative images.
  • Programme
    • Introduction to black and white 16mm film physical and photo-chemical qualities
    •  Demonstration of equipment and ingredients
    • Working with film in open daylight
    • Making tests
    • Working with film in darkroom using contact pringint and found footage
    • Reversal process (using the negative and positive image)
    • Creative processing techniques
    • Making film loops and projecting them using 16mm projector
  • Workshop will be held in English.
  • Workshop will last until 17:00.
  • Tickets 80 zł
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