The Children of the Dead

  • The Children of the Dead
  • [Die Kinder der Toten], directed by Kelly Copper and Pavol Liska, Austria 2019, 90'
    • Kelly Copper and Pavol Liska do the impossible with the help of producer Ulrich Seidel. They adapted for the screen, what seemingly was thought untransferable into the language of cinema, the 666 page dark novel about zombies by Elfriede Jelinek, born out of fury at his own country. The ghostlike qualities of the 8 mm tape used brings back that which has been repressed. The idyllic mountain landscape of Styria (not to be confused with Syria) becomes the site of a macabre scenery (but also grotesque), when the dead return to settle the score with the Nazi past.
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  • Language
    • German
    • subtitles in Polish and English