The Room
The Disaster Artist

  • The Room
  • directed by Tommy Wiseau, USA 2003, 99'

    • Many films are fighting for the title of being the worst in the world. If the most important criterion is the ratio of artistic ambitions to the possibilities and effect, The Room would deserve this title. But if it really were the worst, then audiences would not love it so much, and there are few films that are regarded with such fondness. The film, about a good-hearted banker betrayed by his fiancée, lacks almost everything—a script, technique and shame, but you can not deny its sincerity and good intentions.

  • The Disaster Artist
  • directed by James Franco, USA 2017, 103'
    • James Franco—a Renaissance man—is building a film monument for "the worst film in the world" and its mysterious creator. He plays the role of Tommy Wiseau with bravado as he directs the story of The Room. Sincere fascination, great sympathy for the protagonist and his prototype, and above all a love of cinema are felt in every frame. The Disaster Artist perfectly complements The Room.

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