Chris Marker 2nd compilation

Statues Also Die
Dimanche à Pékin
The Sixth Side of the Pentagon

  • Statues Also Die
  • [Les statues meurent aussi], directed by Chris Marker, 1953, 30'

  • language: French, subtitles: English, Polish
    • One of Markers first films, shot with Alan Resnais. The young filmmakers were sent, like many others, to build local film industries in the newly liberated African countries, but instead, they sharply criticized colonialism. The film was banned in France for 15 years.

  • Embassy
  • [LAmbassade], directed by Chris Marker, 1975, 22'

  • language: English, subtitles: Polish
    • Markers shocking film full of twists and turns regarding the coup détat in Chile, which brought to power Augusto Pinochet. The tapes found at the French Embassy in Santiago, portraying workers who have been taken hostage, turns out to be something else than what we thought.

  • Dimanche à Pékin
  • directed by Chris Marker, 1956, 18'

  • language: English, subtitles: Polish
    • Sunday in Beijing. Marker fulfills his childhood dream by visiting a city that he previously could only admire in books. He takes viewers on a journey through the capital of China, but also through his thoughts and perspectives.


  • The Sixth Side of the Pentagon
  • [La sixième face du pentagone], directed by Chris Marker, 1968, 28'

  • language: English, subtitles: Polish
    • On October 21st, 1967, a demonstration attended by 100,000 people of different creeds against the Vietnam War took place in Washington. It is considered to be a symbolic turn as well as the beginning of the movement to stop the war machine. Of course Chris Marker was there with a camera.