Chris Marker 3rd compilation

Three Cheers for the Whale
The Case of the Grinning Cat
We Maintain It Is Possible

  • Three Cheers for the Whale
  • [Vive la baleine], directed by Chris Marker, 1972, 16' 

  • language: French, subtitles: Polish
    • A brief history of the relationship between humans and whales.


  • The Case of the Grinning Cat
  • [Chats perchés], directed by Chris Marker, 2004, 59'

  • language: English, subtitles: Polish
    • Marker's last film, created at the beginning of the new millennium, perfectly summarizes all of his work. Chris Marker is looking for mysterious yellow cats that are appearing on walls and captures with his camera the political and international events of the last two years from around the world.


  • We Maintain It Is Possible
  • [Puisquon vous dit que cest possible], directed by Chris Marker, 1973, 47' 

  • language: French, subtitles: English, Polish
    • A documentary about a workers strike and the occupation of the Lip watch factory in 1972. A masterpiece of documentary montage, but also a treaty on the responsibility of the filmmaker in regard to the heroes and their role in the film.

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