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The Conversation

[English Friendly]directedy by Francis Ford Coppola, USA 1974, 113'

Francis Ford Coppola’s thriller film The Conversation (1974) asks questions about power, moral responsibility and the consequences of advancing technological development. It came two years after The Godfather. The director used to say that he only made the film about Vito Corleone so that he could afford making a film about Harry Caul. The financial and artistic success of the mafia family story made Coppola’s dream project come true.

Despite its universal and timeless message, The Conversation is consistent with the atmosphere in the United States at the time caused by the Watergate scandal. With this film, Coppola confirmed his status as one of the most interesting filmmakers of the 1970s, whose work combines features of American and European cinema. The film brought him his first Palme d’Or at the Cannes International Film Festival (he would receive a second one five years later for Apocalypse Now). He is one of nine directors to have twice received the award.

Please join us for three special screenings of the film:

13/07 (Saturday) 18.00

14/07 (Sunday) 20.15

16/07 (Tuesday) 18.00

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The Conversation