pre-release screening


as part of the Warsaw Art-house Cinema Week (English friendly)

  • Memoria
  • reż. Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Kolumbia / Tajlandia / Francja 2021, 136’
    • A banging noise. Metallic, loud, piercing – as if it came from within the planet. Such is the sound that haunts Jessica (phenomenal Tilda Swinton), attacking her during sleepless nights and surprising her in the most unexpected moments of her journey across Colombia. She finds the sound scary, but also fascinating. Has she lost her mind? Apichatpong Weerasethakul surprised the Cannes festival audience with an unusual, very original philosophical treatise. Memoria is a transcendental, mesmerizing journey, a story about individual and collective memory (the memory of everything?), about a secret, invisible bridge between the present and the past, about the modern world that seems cultured, artificial and that can be easily infected (for instance with a virus). It is a dream film, an odyssey film, a unique sensual, sonic and spiritual experience. It is a film that remains with the viewer forever.
      • New Horizons
  • Pre-premiere screening as part of the Warsaw Art-house Cinema Week.
  • Tickets 15 zł.
  • Screening with Polish and English subtitles