Failed States
Man On Wire

  • Man on Wire
  • directed by James Marsh, USA/UK 2008, 94'
  • language: English, subtitles: Polish
    • This screening exposes us to a physical as well as literal loss of balance.Man on Wire is a fast-paced documentary that feels like an action film.This is the story of Philippe Petit, a high-wire artist, who in 1974 crossed a wire stretched between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.Probably, the only person who wasnt dizzy during the screening was the main character.
  • Failed States
  • directed by Henry Hills, USA 2007, 10'
    • Failed States is a short, experimental film about spinning in circles, which seeks to answer the question of why people (especially children) like to spin around until they pass out and whether the world is spinning in such a way that weve lost all control over it.