Close your eyes and see

StoryCode Warsaw #9

How to translate a multithreaded text into a digital story? James Joyce's interactive literature and the superproduction Audio Bible at the StoryCode meeting in Warsaw. StoryCode is an international community that brings together people searching for innovative narrative forms. The meetings are taking place in 20 locations around the world, including Warsaw, and gather hundreds of enthusiasts of interactive movies, VRs, ARs and other new ways of telling stories.

The next meeting will be devoted to attempts at translating two texts into a digital form. The event name "Close your eyes and see" is a quote from James Joyce. First We Feel Than We Fall, by Dr. Jakub Wróblewski and Dr. Katarzyna Bazarnik, is a translation into audiovisual language of the last Irish writer, Finnegans Wake.

Usually referred to as a novel, it is actually an oneiric narrative, in which a multilevel plot unfolds in a nonlinear manner, like a labyrinth or a hypertext.

The superproduction of Audio Bible is a huge, over 110-hour broadcast, written for about 500 actors, accompanied by sound effects and specially composed music. The project will be presented by one of the authors, Maciek "mediafun" Budzich.

To join StoryCode, just come to the meeting after registering.

Free admission