Iza Szostak

National Affairs

  • In the end, progress and incessant expansion, intended to ensure humankind‘s total domination in all spheres of life, will lead to a cataclysm. Nevertheless, man will survive the catastrophe that he himself has brought about, hiding through it under a table in some corporate office, in a charmless air-conditioned skyscraper. Squeezed in between cassettes and gigabytes of data, he is creating trans-species assemblages, subjecting himself to constant revision and negotiating the borders of his own identity. The defiant and rebellious body, which for too long has been subjected to cultural supervision and political influence, is now seeking care and intimacy. It exists in a never-ending loop, functioning between what is organic and what is mechanic. The expansive, mute struggle of the body, captured by white women in an African-American ghetto and manifested in violent, adamant and relentless movement, has become his tool of protest. Krump: bloodless resistance movement. Krump: protest form incarnate. Krump as a weapon. Body as a shield.
  • Cover photo: Bartosz Górka
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