discussion panel

Antifa against freedom

A meeting with Andy Ngo

The anti-fascist movements have a long, nearly century-old tradition. Paradoxically, violence is embedded in these movements even though the essence of antifascism should be to combat violence. In fact, anti-fascist movements inspired by Stalin served to conceal the inhuman violence used by communist regimes. Even today, after the collapse of the Soviet bloc, anti-fascist movements are waging a war against imaginary and real enemies and without hesitation resort to violence.

One of Antifa's activists describes the tactic of fighting opponents as follows: You fight them with writing and phone calls so that you don't have to use your fists. You fight them with your fists so that you don't have to use guns. You fight them with guns, so you dont need to use tanks. "

The exhibition Political Art was attacked even before it opened. Artists, united by the idea of freedom in art, were accused of legitimizing fascism and encouraged to withdraw from the exhibition. Most of them flatly rejected these accusations.

Why do anti-fascist movements want to influence cultural institutions? Who are they actually fighting, and what are their goals? What is the backbone of this movement and its methods?  What are the consequences of lending public space to antifa activists?

We will talk about these issues with Andy Ngo, an American journalist, expert and researcher, but also a victim of Antifa, author of the bestseller Unmasked: Inside Antifa's Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy.

The meeting will be held in the cinema room. The number of places is limited. Entries for debate: info@u-jazdowski.pl. Live on Facebook at this link.


  • Chaired by
    • Agnieszka Kolek, Passion for Freedom