Embroidery by Rufina Bazlova

Auction of work Ales Pushkin

Embroidery "Ales Pushkin" by Rufina Bazlova dedicated to artist-political prisoner put up for auction.

The Belarusian Council of Culture organized this auction to support repressed cultural figures.

The work "Ales Pushkin" is dedicated to the political prisoner artist, restorer, performer Ales Pushkin, who is accused of "Nazism rehabilitating " and inciting hatred. The reason for his imprisonment was a portrait of Yauhen Zhykhar, a participant of the post-war resistance, which the artist presented at the exhibition.

For me, Ales Pushkin is a man of strong faith and will, an unbroken free artist. He has been detained, fined and repressed several times during his creative career, but Ales does not stop, creates and fights, even while in prison. Even in jail He recently organized the Turma art community. By auctioning off the portrait of Ales Pushkin as a symbol of living struggle, I want to express my solidarity with cultural figures in prison, says artist Rufina Bazlova about participating in the auction.

"Ales Pushkin" Hand embroidery, 12 x 12 x 2cm, silk thread, cotton, wood.

Auction link.

Our petition Free Ales Puszkin you can sign here.