Tori Wrånes/Laura Marie Rueslåtten


  • The protagonists of the performance SIRKLING are singing furry creatures. The group play a variety of instruments and engage in a sequence of simple events that take place in the exhibition space. The audience watches the goings-on from the vantage point of a revolving auditorium, which totally changes the perception of the exhibition that for the duration of the performance has become a mobile stage. Sirkling was shown for the first time as part of her Hot Pocket solo exhibition at the National Museum in Oslo in 2017.
  • Performance in frames of Tori Wrånes Handmade Acoustics exhibition.
  • Cover photo: Tori Wrånes, SIRKLING, photo by Anne Bjorgli


  • Attention! Reservations are closed.
  • Admission for performance is included in ticket for the exhibition.
    • Normal: 12 zł
    • Reduced: 6 zł
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