Hidden Life

The Child in Polish Contemporary Art

  • The exhibition examines the image of children and childhood as seen by more than 40 artists who have been working since the period of the transformation of the political system in Poland in the late 1980s and 1990s. The show refers to the 1917 exhibition The Child in Art presented at the Society of Friends of Fine Arts in Kraków, and is an attempt to initiate a discussion about the youngest participants of social and cultural life. The exhibition examines the contested, often conflicting ways of understanding the prenatal period, evokes images of the idyllic and identity-forming early childhood period, juxtaposes different views on motherhood, fatherhood and family dynamics, and raises question regarding the array of civilizational and cultural patterns that shape children today. The exhibition discusses the challenges of the period of socialisation and adolescence, the experiences of suffering caused by war, struggles with illness and death, and the ways in which adults relate to their parents. The exhibition features spaces filled with design dedicated to children and artistic statements created by our youngest visitors. It is also accompanied by a versatile educational programme which includes workshops and curated tours of the show (some prepared by children for children), discussions with experts, and special screenings at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art Cinema. The architecture of the exhibition, the form of the accompanying catalogue, and educational materials for adults and children are designed to welcome the participation of viewers of all ages.
  • Curators
    • Łukasz Murzyn

    • Joanna Winnicka-Gburek

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  • Opening
    • 13/05/2023 (Saturday), 17:00
      • Admission free.
  • Exhibition on view through
    • 16/07/2023
      • On Thursdays admission free.
Tuesday 11:00—19:00
Wednesday 11:00—19:00
Thursday 11:00—20:00
Friday 11:00—19:00
Saturday 11:00—19:00
Sunday 11:00—19:00
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