Robert Walser. I would prefer not to

  • Traces stop a few steps from the man lying in snow. The man is Robert Walser. Swiss prose writer and poet who spent half of his life in mental hospitals. The traces he left throughout his life are equally illegible. Today his enigmatic, microscopic handwritten texts are known as the Microscripts. Among deciphered ones there is hardly any information concerning authors personal life. It was Walsers permanent attempt to hide from outer world to become an anonymous traveller and observer.
    • I wish no one to be me wrote Walser in one of his poems.
  • Robert Walser. I would prefer not to is an artistic project aimed against that wish. In the exhibition space of the most renown Polish Center for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Casle, a performative exhibition of three artists takes place. Hanna Kayser, Max Berg and Leonidas Locus decided to follow the path of Robert Walser and repeat his total act.
  • Attention! Because of the curatorial guided tour, please arrive on time. Late arrivals will not be admitted to the show
  • Photo: Tomasz Tyndyk
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    • 30 zł
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    • 20 zł
  • Tickets are available in the info point in main hall of Ujazdowski.