Bartosz Kokosiński

Moment cutting the dowel

  • Bartosz Kokosiński has moved his studio ten times. First, in and around Krakow, more or less five moves, within flats and two studios, after which he returned to the city Dąbrowa Górnicza, and then moved to Warsaw. In Warsaw, first to Lubelska Street, followed by a change of floors within the building. Finally, a new, second location. The second location did not work out, so it was necessary to return everything to the first one. Again continues the search for a space for his things, objects, materials, furniture, notes, sketches, books, boxes, boxes in boxes, work, old work, almost new works. The work of Bartosz also searches for a space for art; a space to be the artist's own haven.
    • Total area A = 44.65m2
    • Total load Q = 14kN
    • Average Load qc = 0.314 [kN/m2]
    • Equally distributed load q = 1.5 [kN/m]
    • Uneven load factor k = 1.3
    • Strength in the carrier lines Fs
    • The grids overhang arrow not less than f> 0.8 m
    • Fs = (k x q x l2)/(8 x f)
    • Fs = 6.73[kN]
    • Factor of safety rope Xl = 10
    • Minimum actual breaking load FZ> Fs x Xl
    • Fz > 68[kN]