Winners of Project Room Awards 2019

The Winners of Project Room Awards 2019 have been announced. First Prize of 20,000 PLN went to Fashion House Limanka (Tomasz Armada, Dominika Ciemięga, Sasa Lubińska, Kacper Szalecki). Second Prize of 10,000 PLN went to Horacy Muszyński.

Six exhibitions were held in 2019 at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art as part of the Project Room series: by Marta Krześlak, Fashion House Limanka, Jan Moszumański-Kotwica,Wiktoria Walendzik, Horacy Muszyński, and an artistic duo of Róża Duda and Michał Soja.

On 31 January 2020, an international jury consisting of Piotr Policht (editor of Szum magazine), Agnieszka Polska (visual artist), Francesco Tenaglia (editor of Mousse Magazine), João Laia (chief curator at Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art), and Jarosław Lubiak (former artistic director at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art) selected the two most interesting shows.

Jury decided to award the First Prize of 20,000 PLN to Fashion House Limanka for The Last Train to Warsaw. The project dealt with relations between centre and peripheries, mechanisms of an artistic career, and collaborative work. Jury appreciated the quality of film production and the fact that the artists drew the final consequences by declaring the dissolution of the collective during the exhibition opening.

The Second Prize of 10,000 PLN went to Horacy Muszyński for ASS.DEATH.DICKS (read: aesthetics). Jury appreciated the arrangement of the exhibition space. Transforming the gallery into a film set led to creation of a staging which offered an exceptional aesthetic experience, jury wrote in their statement.

The winners were announced during a performance One Woman Show by a Polish choreographer and performance artist Marta Ziółek. For the last three years, Polish performance artists have been invited to arrange the Project Room Awards Ceremony. In 2018 and 2019, we saw performances by Małpeczki (Magdalena Kozłowska, Maria Toboła) and by Dominika Olszowy.

Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art has been supporting emerging Polish artists within the frames of the Project Room series for many years now. From 2012 to 2019, 88 exhibitions by 111 artists were presented in the Project Room. All of them included premiere works created especially for this space.

In 2020, we will see new works by: Kornelia Dzikowska, Jan Baszak, Adelina Cimochowicz, Piotr Bruch, Sebastian Sebulec and Marek Wodzisławski. The artists will collaborate with young curators: Ewa Kozik, Jagna Domżalska, Kuba Gawkowski, Daria Grabowska, Maja Demska and Sergey Shabohin.